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Hanovers, Johnsons, And Pharaohs

The Welf and Este families had been initially the identical clan that dominated in Northern Italy and Germany with ancestry from the outdated French dynasties just like the Burgundian household. The colors burgundy and royal purple are symbols utilized by royalty since historic Phoenicia as purple was the most expensive color to provide. Lots of the highest bloodlines have ancestry from the House of Burgundy like the Savoy family who dominated in Northern Italy they usually intermarried with the Este family that are additionally from Northern Italy. Welf is where the term Guelph comes from and this noble faction were wealthy merchants that sided with the Papacy. The House of Este dominated in Modena, Ferrara, and Reggio. The Ferrari family come from Modena and Ferrara and they are actually a cadet department of the Este and Farnese family through the wedding of Vittoria Farnese d’Este of Modena. The Farnese family use the horse on their coat of arms and the Ferrari car company based in Modena by Enzo Ferrari uses the horse for its logo. Piero Ferrari is worth over 2 billion and is a component proprietor of Ferretti Group which produces luxurious yachts. The reason the Ferrari household are rich is as a result of they were nobility. Royalty and nobility conspire through bloodlines to dominate society and monopolize wealth and assets. The Ferrero household personal the Ferrero chocolate and candy company with Maria Franca Fissolo value about 26 billion and her son and CEO of Ferrero Giovanni Ferrero worth about 24 billion.

The names Ferrari, Ferrara, Ferrero and Farnese have the etymological connection with the Latin phrase frenum which derives from the Latin phrase fere which refers to a harness or horse’s reins. Reign refers to regulate. Horses are symbols for military equestrians and the Farnese family have deep connections with navy. Navy is the primary manner they implement their management. I imagine the Fer and far families have some lineage with the Pharaoh dynasties. It is likely the Phoenecian royalty married with Pharaoh bloodlines. The Ferrari household are related with the former Este-Farnese Dukes of Modena and are value a number of billion. The Ferrogamo family are also wealthy north Italians with a noble ancestry from Venice and Bergamo. The Ferragamo family originally set up in Hollywood providing costly footwear and boots for actors and motion pictures. The Italian and German nobility covertly monopolize excessive finish cars, jewellery, and fashion. Prince Lorenz of Belgium is the pinnacle of the Italian-Austrian House of Este right now and he works as a Swiss banker handling the personal accounts and cash laundering for various royal and noble households from Italy, Austria, Belgium and the UK. The Welf-Hanover household is also several instances intermarried with the Leiningen household which use the identical white eagle on their coat of arms that the Este family use. The use of the Hanover household title Ernst seems to originate from the House of Leiningen. Prince Andreas, Leiningen is the top of this household today and his spouse is Princess Alexandra of Hanover.

The House of Hanover are a branch of the Welf family of Germany who are carefully salvatore ferragamo sardegna adjustable belt associated with the Italian-Austrian Home of Este. Estee Lauder founded the cosmetic company which has belongings at about eleven billion. She was likely named after the Este household as considered one of their court docket agents. Estee Lauder had Hungarian ancestry the place the House of Este’s cousins the Esterhazy household dominated. The Italian Fabrizio Freda is the CEO of Estee Lauder Corporations. The Hanover family own castles, large estates, and artwork and silver collections. Prince Ernst Augustus I of Hanover is married to Princess Caroline from the House of Grimaldi in Monaco. Prince Caroline’s son Andrea Casiraghi is from her earlier marriage and he’s married to the billionaire Tatiana Santo Domingo. The Santo Domingo Group is a big Columbian monopoly value billions. Tatiana’s brother Alejandro Santo Domingo is worth over 4 billion and is married to Lady Charlotte Wellesley of British nobility. Cash marries cash and this is one way these criminal royal households dominate over society. Prince Ernst Augustus I is overtly value a half of billion which is only a cowl for his hid wealth. The billionaire Johnson household created Johnson and Johnson and are from New Brunswick New Jersey named for Brunswick Germany where the Hanover household dominated. Han in Hanover is for Johannes the German version of John. The Johnson family are an American department of the Home of Hanover. Johnson & Johnson has about 133 billion in assets. The Johnson family of Boston personal Fidelity Investments with Abigail Johnson value about 14 billion and Edward C. Johnson III worth about 7 billion. Fidelity Investments manages over 2 trillion in property.

The royal and noble families are concealing large amounts of wealth by way of covert assets in corporations, land ownership, resource monopolization, and in personal Swiss bank accounts. They also create front men billionaires that serve their royal courts who perform their pursuits in society in exchange for being salvatore ferragamo sardegna adjustable belt authorized billionaires. The Home of Hanover are a top German nobility which as soon as ruled as monarchs in Britain and Ireland. Members of the Home of Hanover are additionally in line to the British Crown and have close ties with the House of Windsor. The billionaire Woody Johnson was appointed because the Ambassador to the United Kingdom for his bloodline relation with the Hanover family. The actor Don Johnson and his buyers had been stopped and investigated at the German-Swiss border holding data of about 8 billion in transactions. Don Johnson and his son Jesse Johnson are involved with aiding in criminal financing in Hollywood. Prince Christian of Hanover is another wicked member of this bloodline. The names Este and Hanover have various etymological connections and essentially the most associated connection is expansion and above. Estense is an Italian phrase for expansive. Over in Han-over means above or exceedingly in German. Imperialism is about expansion. The identify Augustus originates from Augustus Caesar and Prince Ernst Augustus II of Hanover is just like the Holy Roman Caesar right this moment. These imperial bloodlines are ruthless enslavers and tyrants.

Latin Etymology
Ferragamo Pim Leather Pump RedFinally from Proto-Indo-European *dʰer- (“to hold”). Cognates embrace ferē, fermē and firmus.

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