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Evaluation: Prada Saffiano Double Zip Tote – Glad Pursuits

In my opinion the Prada Saffiano tote is one of the most classic baggage along with the Hermes Birkin, Chanel 2.55, Lady Dior and LV Speedy simply to call just a few. Yet, the Prada Saffiano is extra wallet-friendly than the Chanel 2.55, higher fitted for the youthful person than the Hermes Birkin, extra work applicable than the Lady Dior and more practical than the LV Speedy. That’s why I purchased the Prada Saffiano Double Zip tote after my first 12 months of work. It has virtually been 2.5 years since I got the Prada Saffiano and my opinions on the bag could also be helpful in case you are also eyeing the bag (especially the standard and wear and tear of this bag).

Prada Saffiano Lux Open Tote vs. Double Zip Tote
When I was taking a look at this bag in 2013 there were two choices for the saffiano tote, the lux open tote or the double zip tote.

The prices for these two baggage have been very similar, I think the price for the double zip tote was round $a hundred greater than the lux tote. Ultimately I purchased the double zip tote for a number of causes:

1. I preferred the more structured and shaper silhouette of the double zip tote over the lux open tote
2. I assumed the zipped salvadore ferragamo saddle shoes tramezza compartments can be helpful especially for wallets and different valuables
three. I liked the open internal design of the double zip tote vs. the lux open tote which beforehand had a divider within the center

Two and a half years later, I nonetheless preferred the extra structured silhouette however it’s not value the trouble with the sealants problems on the double zip tote (more details later). I rarely use the zipped compartments (see explanations later) and that i nonetheless just like the open internal design however later Prada came out with lux open totes with no internal dividers. General, I wished I had purchased the lux tote over the double zip tote (reference Wear & Tear part for more particulars).

Prada Saffiano Double Zip Tote Design
The Prada Saffiano tote design could change slightly from season to season: zippers vs. no zipper rims, open vs. divided interior compartment, leather-based vs. cloth trimming on inner pockets, and so on. Nevertheless, the boxy rectangular form of the bag stays the identical. The basic shape of the bag is very applicable for work. With minimal hardware the bag is just not loud and in your face despite the fact that it is a designer bag. The bag can be very sensible; it may be dressed up and down, especially when worn with the shoulder strap.

The bag I purchased is the Prada Saffiano Double Zip tote in the Cammeo color. I received the medium measurement that comes with a shoulder strap with 5 holes for the user to regulate the size (bag dimensions: Thirteen x 9.5 x 5.5 inches). The bag has two zipped compartments and 4 feet on the bottom of the bag. The middle inner compartment is lined with a nylon cloth material. It has one zipped compartment, three extra smaller pockets and no dividers. I rarely use the two big zipper compartments on each sides of the bag because the zippers are not clean and you will note a bulge of no matter you set in there.

The sides of the bag have two snap buttons. I snap the buttons close more often than not; it helps to scale back the dimensions of the bag opening and that i just like the form extra. Nevertheless, if you have to fill up your bag, you possibly can unbuckle the sides for more room.

Overall, the bag came with a black field, a white dust bag and an authenticity card. You may hold the bag in your hand, on the crock of your arm, over the shoulder or cross body using the shoulder strap. I love the shoulder strap and wear the bag over the shoulder with the strap more often than not!

Saffiano Leather and Coloration
Prada is understood for the Company’s saffiano leather-based, which is a handled calf leather with a crossed hatched design.

The saffiano leather-based is very durable, scratch resistant, and I might even go ahead and say waterproof. Some folks don’t like the Saffiano leather-based as a result of it doesn’t really feel as luxurious and gentle as different leather-based. I personally find it irresistible, sure it may not feel as nice but it smells just as divine! I additionally just like the crossed hatched texture and think the saffiano leather is a superb various to softer leather-based and is particularly acceptable as workbags.

Overall for my part, the Saffiano leather-based is a superb fuss-free bag that you can use daily!
Prada gives saffiano leather-based luggage in various colours. Because of the sturdiness of the leather, I’d recommend getting saffiano leather in a lighter color. I’ve the cammeo shade, which is a mild blush / pink coloration and that i haven’t had any problems with shade transfer and it rubs in opposition to dark denims all the time.

However, I need to say if you wish to get the double zipped tote then the gold zippers stand out more and look very stunning on a darker shade tote.

Shape and Put on & Tear
The form of the Prada Saffiano Double Zipped tote holds up very well. I don’t use a base shaper and after 2.5 years I find that the bag nonetheless maintains its shape. I feel the bag should hold its form so long as you don’t overload your bag frequently. Nonetheless, I do find that if I don’t fill the bag the leather-based will concave in (particularly if I’m sporting the bag over the shoulder so it hits at my hips). The bag can even have random pockets the place the leather-based concaves in slightly.

The saffiano leather-based itself is like new. I didn’t deal with the leather-based and I have never moisturized the leather. There aren’t any scratches and no watermarks although I’ve been caught within the rain with the bag a few times.

Now moving on to the troubling parts. There are numerous critiques and feedback on the poor high quality of Prada luggage and that i can confirm it’s true from my expertise. For the price of the bag (especially with the regular price increases) the quality of the Prada saffiano double zip tote does not measure up. I used my double zip tote bag day-after-day for almost a year and then only sparingly. During that one yr of use:

The sealants across the zippers are peeling – The design of the zippers and the bend of the leather across the corners will make the sealants crack sooner or later. That is a mixture of material and design flaws. The wider curve of the lux open tote design is far more forgiving on any sealants. Alternatively, Prada might have taken 30 minutes extra per bag to fold the leather-based over and sew it as a substitute of utilizing sealants. Some might argue the saffiano leather is more durable to fold and sew than a softer leather-based. Which may be true but I have a wallet on chain from Ferragamo with the identical hardy saffiano leather-based material and that wallet is beautifully folded and sewn.
The zippers are tarnishing – The tarnishing on the zippers after a year is just not acceptable. Also the zippers don’t zip that smoothly. Evaluating the Prada double zip tote zipper to the zipper on the LV Eva is evening and day.
The cloth around the zippers are fuzzing up – This can be just not acceptable. I really hope on the newer versions of this bag, Prada uses a more durable cloth materials. Again compared to the cloth across the zippers on the LV Eva clutch, you don’t need to be an knowledgeable to know which one has larger high quality.
The toes on the bag are scratched up – The feet on the bag are gold coated and will get scratched easily. I don’t mind the scratches on the ft but I think because I never put this bag in opposition to rough surface the scratches are fairly unhealthy for a bag after a year of use.

I do want to notice that I am using a macro lens so you possibly can see what I am talking about. These flaws are much less visible to the eye, especially if you aren’t the one carrying the bag. (I assume I can examine it to blackheads, nobody notices the blackheads however your self). Prada does supply a two-year guarantee; nonetheless, when you buy a designer bag you might be shopping for it for the long term (at least I do). Even if you happen to get every little thing fixed, these problems will resurface again in a couple of years.

Individuals purchase luxurious bags for the standard as much because the brand name. However, without quality, no brand title won’t ever command the value premium. It takes a long time for patrons to trust in the quality of a model however that trust might be damaged inside a fraction of time.

Summary Execs and Cons of Prada Saffiano Double Zip Tote

– Very durable and scratch resistant saffiano leather
– Basic design and really acceptable for work
– Versatile bag that may be dressed up or casual

– Cracking sealants
– Tarnishing zippers and scratched ft
– Fuzzing cloth
– Worth will increase without high quality increases
– Poor resale worth

In abstract, I wouldn’t suggest anybody shopping for a double zip tote bag from Prada. Nevertheless, I do assume there are different baggage from Prada which can be better and won’t have sealant and cloth fuzzing issues. If I were to repurchase the Prada saffiano tote once more I would get the lux open tote or the brand new cuir leather-based tote.

Personally, I still like and use my bag and won’t promote it for several causes. One, this bag has sentimental value to me. It was my first designer bag I purchased for myself after I started work (I reward myself with one really nice bag every year and that is the bag after my first year of labor). Two, it’s not honest for the purchaser except I put a large low cost on the bag. Three, even when I promote the bag I’ll need to buy one other Prada Saffiano tote in my collection and that i don’t need to pay ~$2,500. I plan is to use the bag in good well being and when these quality issues gets unbearable someday, I’ll ship it in for repairs. Proper now, these imperfections usually are not noticeable when I use the bag unless I stare directly at these parts.

In my opinion, if you like designer baggage, the Prada Saffiano tote is a should in your collection. Nonetheless, just keep in mind the potential quality difficulty earlier than you purchase the bag and choose bags which are much less likely to have issues (i.e.don’t decide the Prada Double Zip Tote)!

Where to buy
I bought my double zip tote at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York (Fifth Avenue between 49th and Salvatore_Adamo 50th road). I applied for the Saks Fifth Avenue card and receive 10% off the price of the bag. I needed to pay sales tax on the bag but if you, your family or pals live in a state not included beneath, then you can get the bag shipped and won’t must pay sales tax! This can save you ~$a hundred and fifty depending on state.

Saks Fifth Avenue Transport Sales Tax Disclosure:
Sales tax will probably be charged for purchases shipped to the following states: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, D.C, Wisconsin. Gross sales tax will even be charged for purchases shipped to Puerto Rico.

One other method to save lots of cash on Prada saffiano bags is stalking flash sale sites. I’ve seen new Prada tote bags on Ruelala and Gilt with prices 20%+ beneath retail. (For disclosure I’ve never purchased a bag from these flash sale websites so I can not speak to the authenticity or the standard of the bags. I can write a whole publish on my ideas of luxurious firms placing products on flash sale sites so I won’t go right into a rant here.)

Ferragamo Gancio Bit Driver BlackIf you’re additionally traveling to Europe then it can save you cash on the bag by claiming the value added tax returns (Read my post on how to claim your VAT returns). Lastly, you may buy the bag on eBay and different consignment shops and web sites – please ensure you do your homework and confirm the authenticity of the bag!

As always thanks a lot for studying! Please follow me on Instragram @myhappypursuits!

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