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hats ferragamo, ferragamo mens cologne|ferragamo kelly bag

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Ferragamo’s U.S. President Dishes On Their Haute New Site

A press release and a party: that is all Salvatore Ferragamo needed to successfully launch their lush new ladies’s scent, Signorina. But digital instances call for more inspired technique and so Ferragamo added another dimension: a brand new web site.

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The location, which formally launched on Monday, is dubbed “The women About City.” True to it’s name, TGAT focuses on the inspirations and exploits of ‘it women’ resembling Alexandra and Theodora Richards, Bianca Balti, Lauren Remington Platt, and Rachel Chandler Guinness. These ladies who lunch and dine and party get up shut and personal on TGAT by sharing their favourite meals, outfits and household anecdotes. Together, these summary bits of data create a cohesive picture of who this site targets: stylish, younger ladies who love life and live it with gusto. But extra to the purpose, it seems to echo the spirit of the fragrance behind it: luxe, full of life and brimming with fashion.

But if the positioning appears restricted in appeal to socialites and people who love them, do not be fooled. A tiny name to arms on the upper right web page asking ‘You’ to be an It Woman reveals major plans for expanding past that. I caught up with Vincent Ottomanelli, president of Ferragamo, USA to discuss those hats ferragamo plans and dig a little bit deeper. See our Q&A under.

Zandile Blay: What can we anticipate to see on The ladies About City web site
Vincent Ottomanelli: The women About Town site will give viewers an intimate glimpse into the lives of a few of the world’s most fascinating and chic ladies that embody the qualities of a Ferragamo Signorina. Endless content from beauty tips to favourite playlists and sizzling spots can be shared by way of video, images and textual content.

ZB: How does it embody the Signorina woman
VO: The ladies chosen for the location are all girls who discover life with enthusiasm and fervour, are young at coronary heart and spirited and are all inherently refined with cultural backgrounds… that are the qualities that Artistic Director Massimilano Giometti’s “signorina” embodies.

ZB: What’s the distinction in content material between TGAT holding site and it is Tumblr web page it forwards to
VO: There isn’t any real difference in content…Tumblr is the platform to host the location, TGAT.

ZB: Why Theodora, Alexandra, Bianca, Lauren and Rachel for the scent and the positioning
VO: [They all embody the fragrance] and Bianca Balti was chosen because the face of Signorina, by Artistic Director Massimilano Giometti. He said, “I immediately considered Bianca when it came to deciding who ought to signify the new fragrance. Bianca is a strikingly beautiful lady, but one with a effectively-outlined character and sensibility. Robust and decided however with a usually Italian natural sensuality. A younger woman who perfectly symbolizes modernity and elegance.

ZB: Can we look forward to seeing any others celebs/socialites on TGAT
VO: Keep tuned, as the site will frequently to shock followers with dynamic posts from different Ladies About City nationwide!

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