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Miss Mulatto – Actual Princess Lyrics

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Latto let em know! South side! Yeah Huh Latto let ’em know, they sleeping on me Espresso mug, I’ma wake ’em up, I keep ’em with me Hittas, I’m never lonely Something like a foul dream, I am who they don’t wanna see Huh, Helen Keller to the competitors Get you out your seat, like an intermission I’m what the rap recreation been lacking Lost canine, get you gone, that is a telephone name I do not play with youngsters, get a leap frog Let me take it again, like a recall Uh, huh Momma stated knock you out Accumulate my bread, then I’m out I am from the soiled, dirty south Filthy rich, my account Huh, giving ’em problems So far they sweating the child like a sauna Half of you rappers ought to pay me to be your author, why I’ll get you out of that Honda Benihana, I got here up from McDonald’s My head in the zeros like it was a comma Competition go poof, like Cosmo and Wanda Received it on they waist, I ain’t speaking prima donna I am protected I ain’t lucky, this ferragamo belts in sale a blessing Driving em’ crazy, they do not wanna take a look at me Get it I’m the gingerbread man, they cannot catch me Took off, moved on, pipe down They do not even guide y’all Huh, do not nobody wanna see a loser (why ) That could be a rip off! Hah, cocky I’m branded Take a look at my pockets cause they obtained me sagging Beating the percentages and I am making it happen Ain’t talking bout luggage after i say they packing I’m the bomb like Osama I do not care bout you, no I ain’t Obama Surrounded by water like I’m the Bahamas Huh, take a look at my pinky, I promise Hah, and you already know I’m with it And that i still do not tuck my chain when I am in a distinct city If you ever in search of me, it ain’t exhausting to return and get me All them diamonds that you just rapping bout, I ain’t seeing any The way you beefing with me and that i still ain’t been touched Ferragamo on my belt only time I’ma cuff And I am finna go up, ten bands ain’t sufficient Moving for the money like a flight on Delta Uh, I’m feeling like Fabo I guess they can not do it like me I’m feeling like I needs to be the queen ain’t talking Lightning I can not fall in love with them if that visa ain’t swiping Promoting out exhibits in your city that is why she don’t like me Like, I can never go exterior no Is you massive or little mad dog Should you let me call myself the princess in your metropolis then you really going out unhealthy bro!

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