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Welcome …

… to my homepage. On ↗the network I'm Χερ (Cher), a ↗geek.

In real-life I'm Christian Hujer, a ↗software engineer and ↗software architect (in other words a computer expert specialized in the art of professional software development).


I have a really cool job at ↗Giesecke & Devrient GmbH. As international technical lead I supervise the technical / implementation aspects of the development of the ↗SkySIM CX family of next generation SIM cards. Aspects of my jobs are training new team members about our systems architecture and various related topics, coordinating sub teams at different subsidiaries in several countries, CM and integration planning, being the guy to ask for all kinds of technical and programming questions, organizing and performing code reviews, developing and enforcing code style and architecture rules, supervising the evolution of the systems architecture for the future, design APIs, bringing in new ideas, planning refactorings, improving our debug and bug prevention strategies... and finally, if there's time pressure for a release, of course I will get my hands dirty on an emulator and debug whatever needs to be debugged - Java, C or Assembly code. Approximately 40 developers count on me and I count on them, we're a great team. I have everything from bits in an emulator to UML, from diving deep into source code up to management presentations. The best feelings at work I get when I see that things are running smoothly because of high levels of automation and training. The facets are just too many to list all of them, but my job is great and interesting at a great company.

Spare time

Most of my spare time I spend with computing, too. I run lots of projects, mostly open source. These days I spend most of my time on ↗finding bugs in ↗Kubuntu Linux and ↗Android App development (↗found bugs there, too), but this focus may change on a per-day basis. Other interests are programming languages, operating systems, web standards, networking and computer security. I read a lot, my books on computing pile to 10m, and I love RFCs.

Other hobbies include snowboarding and synthesizers. I own Access Virus TI Keyboard, KORG M50 and two Electribes (EMX-1 and ESX-1), Oberheim OB-12, Quasimidi Quasar and Technox. Currently, the EMX-1 is my favorite.

Contact information

E-Mail: ✉cher@riedquat.de Note: I'll probably ignore you unless your mail is pgp encrypted or at least pgp signed.
PGP: public key, fingerprint: 85EB 9083 C0A2 0870 ED62 4E04 61C6 E750 830A 3652.
IRC: Cher at freenode.net (see also my channel list)
Twitter: twitter button
Ohloh: ↗Christian Hujer
Google+: ↗Christian Hujer


I use ↗JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA, with ↗IdeaVIM. I favor it over Eclipse and NetBeans. IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition is definitely worth every cent. At the times before IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition, JetBrains sponsored my open source projects by granting me and my teams a no-cost Open Source Development license of IntelliJ IDEA. Thank you, JetBrains!

What's Riedquat?

I've named this site riedquat as an homage to the ↗Elite, ↗Frontier and ↗First Encounters series of space simulation games by ↗Frontier Developments Ltd. You can read more about riedquat on ↗Alioth Network. You can read more about the Elite series of games at the ↗Elite Club, where you can also download the games.

Why do I call myself Cher?

My alias is the first two letters of my first name and the last two letters of my last name. At the same my alias is the first four letters of my MMORPG character name which is Cheristheus (which is derived from cherub, christus and theos), a fireborn monk of Gaea that strives to ascend as a god of goodness.

My alias has nothing to do with the famous female singer. It's just a random coincidence.